Professional Help towards Medical Paper Publication

Whether you are doing your PhD in medical physiology or pharmaceutical science, we know that it is not easy to take your work to such high standards that it finds a place in the world’s most reputed medical journals. Despite the problems of early submission of your journal paper or making your manuscript comply with a journal’s formatting standards and development guidelines, we make sure to provide such professional help to you that relieves you of all the stress related to the preparation of your medical paper for timely publication.

How Our Experts Support You

Dealing with the intricacies of a medical manuscript or journal paper is a complex and professional task that needs focus and orientation to details. Kunutu helps you at every step of the medical manuscript publishing process.

  • Medical Writing and Editing: Our trained and experienced medical research professionals can write and edit your medical journal papers, abstracts, and manuscripts flawlessly. Our team of honed writers, editors, and statisticians prepares your medical manuscript to meet all professional styles and standards recommended by a specific journal or publication.

We polish your papers to maximize their chances of acceptance by high impact factor medical journals. We ensure to analyze your raw manuscript content and turn it into a high-quality and original paper that is free of plagiarism of any kind. We remove all types of grammatical, spelling, punctuation, structural, logical, and formatting errors in your manuscript while making it suitable for the target readers of a selected journal.

  • Journal Selection and Paper Submission: You also do not need to worry if you have not yet chosen a relevant journal in which your study could be published. Our consultants help you in selecting the right publication and submitting your journal paper in a specified manner.
  • Manuscript Translation: Our writers not only support the development of clear and comprehensive medical manuscripts for publishing purposes, but also take of the translation needs of students who do not have a strong grip on English language.
  • Statistical Help: Our team additionally supports medical researchers and institutions in statistical data analysis tasks using latest software packages and relevant statistical techniques.
  • Literature Search and Review: Our writers also assist clients in relevant literature review by conducting valid bibliographic searches in reliable medical databases.

Our Goals

The aim of Kunutu is to help every client in getting their medical research papers published in renowned journals. We make sure to deliver all client projects timely so no submission deadlines are missed. Even if your manuscript drafts are incomplete, do not take stress to complete it. Simply hand over all your raw files to us and we will turn them into effective and ready-to-publish manuscripts. Our ultimate goal is to provide you high-quality manuscripts and journal papers that present your ideas and arguments effectively and impress your readers with their relevant, clear, meaningful, and contributory content.

Our Specialty

Ranging from the creation of your medical manuscript to the submission of your work to a chosen journal, we offer you our area expertise at every step of paper publication. Our medical writers and editors understand every client project in detail and accordingly extend their skills and knowledge towards project management. Our professionals offer custom help on each manuscript so individualized issues of a researcher may be addressed.

In addition, we do strategic planning while making your work ready for publication. With our full range of support services for medical manuscript publication, we make sure to address every problem that you may face with manuscript writing, editing, statistics, or publishing. We additionally collaborate with you personally so we can satisfy your project needs and provide feedback on your work. We also let you review the work we do for you and accommodate your suggestions. Thus, we make our service delivery process interactive.

By availing our services, you can feel safe about the confidentiality of all your personal and project information. We never compromise on the data you share with us. Through our swift operations, you can get instantly started on your project. If you wish to avail or know more about our support and services, then simply send us a message on info@kunutu.com. Our representatives will get back to you within a short time.