Bibliographic Literature Search

The Importance of Effective Bibliographic Literature Search

When you want to get your medical research paper published in a powerful journal, then it becomes critical to meet its high standards by raising the quality standards of your own paper. One of the ways to do this is by strengthening your literature review. If you undertake a systematic review, then you may find the most relevant titles to include in your work and discuss your study in a rich context. This can be highly impressive for readers when it is about giving more weightage to your work.

The Obstacles to a Systematic Review

However, it is not easy to do a systematic review after conducting thorough bibliographic literature search. While it is a time-consuming process, it also requires proper guidance from a professional who is experienced to do the task. This is because of the following obstacles you may face while performing bibliographic literature search in a proper manner.

  • As a variety of medical databases are available and all cover varied types of subject areas and information, it can be a complex task to search for the most apt sources.
  • All databases may have their own unique organization that creates hurdles in search for a student who is exploring them for the first time.
  • Several access points like websites and databases are available to locate significant conference proceedings. Thus, one should know how to proceed in the right direction.
  • Many clinical trials registers are also scattered, with no consolidated listing. As these are also specialized, it is very time consuming to locate what you want.
  • As some studies may not be in English language, accessing and translating them may be a huge issue.
  • It is also not easy to find relevant key journals related to your topic area and searching for the most relevant studies in limited time.

How We Remove These Obstacles for You

To write an effective literature review, we help clients in finding relevant titles and studies that are related to their subjects in the medical field. During the peer review and publishing process, editors find it impressive if you have mentioned research studies from high impact factor journals in your field. It requires a careful investigation and analysis to find relevant titles from varied bibliographic sources. Our team is trained to do this work in a highly professional manner. Our information analysts are experienced in conducting detailed searches in a variety of medical databases and electronic sources.

We retrieve reliable and valid information on a wide range of subject areas. We consider your specific study and accordingly dig out current studies that are of relevance to your work. To do this, we create a specific and focused search strategy for each database and find studies that are published in high impact factor journals and peer-reviewed publications. Such studies will add more value to your paper and increase its chances of being published. Additionally, we have access to a variety of bibliographic sources, such as key journals, medical libraries, abstracting databases, citation databases, clinical trials registers, etc. All such sources help us find the right studies for your literature review.

It is a tiring and time-consuming process to conduct literature search. Thus, we aim at saving your precious time and efforts by conducting this process in an intensive manner. Additionally, we help you at times when you do not have access to a variety of databases within your research institution. At such times, you should not restrict your literature to less relevant and substandard mentions. It may negatively influence your chances of being published. Thus, you may contact our professional team at such times and avail their informational services.

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