Journal Selection and Submission Service

Selection of the Right Journal for Paper Publishing

Many research papers are rejected due to the simple reason that these were not submitted to the right journals. Yes, it is very important to choose a journal in which you have high chances of being published. Not every paper is written for all journals and not every journal is published for all types of studies. For all of you aspiring to publish your medical research paper, make sure that your work must not fall outside the scope of your selected journal. You should also ensure that it is catering to the right audience that matches your expectations too.

How Kunutu Supports Your Journal Choice

  • If you are confused about choosing the right journal in which to get your paper published, then check with our research professionals. Our professionals have worked with reputed publications and they know about the high impact factor journals in every field of study. Under our journal selection and submission service, they suggest to you a high-quality journal with high impact factor per your specific publishing needs.
  • We can assist you to select a relevant medical journal that publishes studies in your subject area. To help you in journal selection, we consider the study you have worked on. We then match it to some popular journals that meet its publishing goals. Accordingly, we come out with a list of a few publications that are suitable for you. You may choose one of our suggested journals that you find apt.
  • We also consider the coverage of varied journals and look at their readership. We only suggest such journals to you that reach a large audience and entertain your types of articles. We match your target audience with the audience that a journal reaches to. We usually select journals that give open access, and thus, have wider readership.
  • While we evaluate the journals on the above criteria, we also do not neglect the speed with which a journal publishes its articles. With a fresh research, no student would want to delay its publishing. Thus, we find out the journals that take less processing time after acceptance of a study.

Our Journal Paper Submission Help

Once you have selected a journal to which you wish to submit your manuscript, we also support you on the process of journal paper submission. This is how we take up the journal paper submission process:

  • To start this process, we make sure to format and review your paper according to the selected journal’s publishing criteria, linguistic styles, and formatting standards. We ensure that your paper is compliant with every single author instruction that has been provided by a journal. Although it depends on journal reviewers, this boosts your chances of getting your paper accepted at the first attempt.
  • Our professionals assist in the further submission process to a journal while following all submission guidelines. We follow each offline and online submission instruction carefully.
  • Many times, journals have specific submission criteria for graphical content. In such cases, we also prepare your artwork in the required way. Our designers work on figures and graphs according to the mentioned journal instructions.
  • When your paper is fit for submission, we complete the formalities of the process. We also rework on your paper in case you wish to submit it to another journal later.

If you think we can help you enough with journal selection or submission, then you may get in touch with us at Our representatives will support you with all the required information. With Kunutu’s journal selection and submission service, you can submit your work smoothly and without stress.