Statistical Analysis of Data

Basic Statistical Issues in Medical Research

Did you know that the error rate while reporting and interpreting statistics in the medical field is as high as up to 90 percent? This mostly happens when medical researchers are unknown to the basic statistical concepts and testing procedures. To perform better research and take the right clinical decisions, it is highly important to perform the right statistical analysis of data. Several medical studies are rendered useless simply because of insufficient or improper statistical analysis of data.

Whether it is about descriptive statistical tests or parametric and non-parametric tests, every research student in the medical field needs to have the advanced knowledge of varied analytical tools and methods. It is necessary that you fit the statistics to your research problem and design. In addition, it is essential to interpret the statistical findings in the right manner. However, it can be challenging for many medical research students who wish to publish their work in renowned journals.

How Kunutu Supports with Statistical Analysis

For medical researchers, it is essential to conduct extensive research and data analysis if they wish to get their study published in a reputed journal. While it is a cumbersome task for many researchers to perform in-depth data analysis, we have professional statisticians who can make this complex task quite simple. If you also feel that you need help in organizing a vast set of data, then do not hesitate to contact our statisticians. At Kunutu, our aim is to transform your complicated research data into useful and meaningful information.

  • We focus on helping you to select only relevant information that your readers would require out of the entire data. Thus, we suggest the right statistical tools and techniques to use to analyze the specific type of data for your study.
  • We carefully understand your specific research problem under investigation and focus on the type of data you have collected. As each statistical method is based on certain assumptions, we make sure that these assumptions are met before applying a chosen method to analyze your data.
  • If your selected journal recommends certain analytical tools and standards, then we make sure to follow them while working on your data. For example, we will only work on SPSS if your chosen journal specifies the use of this tool for performing data analysis. Our statisticians are trained to use all latest software tools for data analysis task. They can help you with all types of data, whether it is collected for a qualitative or a quantitative study.
  • We conduct the entire process of data filtering, cleaning, management, and analysis in an accurate manner. We give you 100 percent accurate findings and let you know of the level of uncertainty involved in specific cases so you may arrive at reliable and valid conclusions while interpreting the results.
  • We also help you present the analyzed data and related information in relevant sections of your manuscript. Thus, you are completely out of stress when you are working with us. We represent the analyzed information in varied formats, but according to a journal’s specifications.

We take care of the entire data analysis procedure, starting from data cleaning and organization to conducting the required statistical tests and presenting the findings. Thus, you may now leave all your data analysis troubles with us and we will take care of them. Get in touch with us at to know more about our statistical data analysis service.