Manuscript Editing

Why Editing is Necessary

If you are a medical research scholar submitting your manuscript to a reputed journal in order to get it published, then you will first need to develop a strong paper that is clear and comprehensive for readers who mostly belong to the medical domain. On top of it, you will need to create content that flows smoothly for readers to understand your ideas and arguments well. If your content will have any types of errors that disturb the flow of reading or obstruct reading badly, then it means that your manuscript needs editing.

For publishing a medical manuscript, every journal sets high standards of writing. This does not mean that you should use complex vocabulary to impress readers. It simply means that a submitted manuscript is free of every single linguistic and formatting error. Kunutu supports your efforts in creating such a well-written and zero-error journal paper through its manuscript editing services. Our editors go into the complete details of your developed medical manuscript and check its grammar, spellings, and punctuations, along with the structure and logic of the written content. However, we go far beyond that and edit your work on the following aspects and more.

Our Manuscript Editing Goals

  • We ensure that your manuscript is fully compliant with all professional linguistic and formatting standards and styles that a specific journal suggests to follow.
  • We not only correct basic errors in your paper, but also add value to your content when we edit it. We work on improving its structure and presentation. We also make your paper clear and concise so your targets readers would like to pay attention to it.
  • Journals usually publish studies that are well presented, contributory, and interesting to read. Thus, we ensure to make your content crisp and to highlight your study’s significant contributions.
  • We support you in achieving your publishing goals by bringing consistency in every aspect of your content. In addition, we remove all redundancies present in your research paper.
  • We also make sure that the medical nomenclature is followed rightly. We take care that your content is written according to academic writing rules, without the use of any jargon or colloquial language.
  • A journal usually asks you to follow certain formatting guidelines for text and graphics. At Kunutu, we ensure that your tabular and graphical content also meets these standards along with the normal text. We not only format your figures and tables, but also work on correcting the styles of citations and referencing. Whether your chosen journal demands you to go according to the APA style or AMA style, our editors can correct your text and citations accordingly.

We polish your paper to correct every single error of style, format, and language. Our target is to make your paper sound right. Whether your paper needs basic proofreading or requires substantive editing, we can assist you with all. If you have a good command on the native language, then proofreading may suffice. Else, we can assess the level of editing your paper requires. Substantive editing is mostly done on papers of scholars who do not have a strong grasp on the language or have English as their second language.

You may also let us know about the journal’s instructions and any custom requirements your paper may need to follow. We will edit your work according to these instructions. Our editors provide complete feedback to you regarding every change made in your manuscript. We always welcome your comments so we can provide high-quality editing assistance to you. If you wish to know more about our manuscript editing services, then contact us at Our representatives will get back to you soonest.